VelEx Politics is not just another boring political news portal out there. It was designed by our team member Luka to invoke your interest in politics and democratic participation in the coolest possible way. As citizens of the European Union, we should all value and appreciate civic freedom for which our ancestors were fighting for. Today we all stand together united in diversity, living in peace, and cooperating with each other.

However, we should not take this status for granted – there is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to protect this benefit and pass it on to our children. We can do that by focusing on and joining the political arena, activism, and democratic participation. This will result in a higher positive impact on the quality of our lives and living standards than all the hours and effort we invest in education and work combined. The site gives you clear instructions followed by relevant education about what you need to do.

The best part about this portal is that it was intended to have a branch in each country in the world. So far it has a global section and Croatia involved but you can become an official VelEx Politics author today and directly contribute to the political situation in your own country! You can apply HERE.

Check out the official VelEx Politics website and the official Youtube channel and start shaping better politics in your country and the entire European Union NOW 🙂

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